February 9th, 2014 / posted by paularath

Hair for 2014 is not sleek but slept-in.

A few blogs ago, I reported that M.A.C. makeup uber-stylist John Stapleton told me that the look for eye makeup in 2014 is the “Slept-In Deconstructed” look. Well, that seems to go for hair too.

Celebrity hair stylist Antonio Prieto, who owns a trendy salon in Chelsea, NYC, and has been working for more than 30 years with fashion designers, models, photographers and celebrities, writes that hair is also heading in the direction of the deconstructed, slept-in look.He calls it “beach hair” and it’s a welcome look for local women, many of whom go straight from beach to dinner date.

Here’s how Prieto says to achieve the look on the model pictured above:

“Prep hair with a beach/salt spray on mostly dry hair to build texture. Diffuse or air dry. Use a conical shaped curl stick to add a more polished look or to define random pieces.” Of course, if you’ve just finished your swim, surf or paddling session, you’re already halfway to deconstructed hair – or, if you’re lucky and have lush locks to begin with – already all the way there.


Rene Furterer’s take on 2014 hair trends.

Uber stylist Rene Furterer espouses a look he calls “Park Avenue meets the beach.” Here’s a peek at it. Just slightlye less slept-in than Prieto’s version and a really pretty, casual look for island women.

– Paula Rath

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