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Mixologist Joey Gottesman of Young’s Market Company


We went to a super fun party at the home of Jackie and Chris Whelen in Kaneohe. They were the successful bidders on a Mixology Workshop with uber-mixologist Joey Gottesman of Young’s Market Company and they remembered that Jerry is an amateur mixologist so they invited us. What a great concept for a party and the Whelens were the perfect host and hostess, with all the ingredients for every imaginable cocktail and the most delicious heavy pupu!

I had worked with Joey on several stories when he helped reopen the Royal Hawaiian Hotel after its extensive remodeling. He really, really knows his stuff!

Joey began the evening by introducing the “Seven Mother Mixes” that make up all cocktails; it’s based on the same concept as the “Five Mother Sauces” of cuisine. Here are the Seven:

  1. Sours (Whiskey Sour)
  2. Collins (Tom Collins, Mojito)
  3. Sazeraks (Cognac, Rye, Old Fashions with bitters)
  4. Hot (Toddy, Buttered Rum)
  5. Layered (Mudslides)
  6. Blended (Prairie Fire)
  7. Rum punch (Maitai, Tiki)


Blueberries keep company with the booze at the bar.

Joey then explained that the proper mix ratio for most cocktails is three parts mixer to one part spirit. For example, that would be three parts Coke to one part Jack Daniels(for a Coke and Jack)  or three parts (combined) fresh lime juice, simple syrup and egg white to one part tequila (for a margarita). That ratio makes it all seem much simpler somehow. “Simple syrup,” by the way, is equal parts sweet (honey or sugar) and water. Washed raw sugar works really well. In fact, I don’t even keep granulated sugar in my pantry any longer. Washed raw sugar is better in everything, from cookies to cocktails.

Even the non-scotch drinkers at the party liked Joey’s Scotch Smash:

1 oz. scotch

1 oz. lemon juice

muddled strawberries

dash of bitters

Mix together gently by stirring about ten times.

Another big hit was the Amaretto Sour:

1 part Amaretto

1/4 part chocolate bitters

2 parts sweet and sour mix (simple syrup and lemon or lime juice)

1/4 part egg white

Shake and strain.


Even my sister Berta, who usually drinks white wine rather than cocktails, got into the act and mixed up a delicious Mojito with basil instead of mint. Yummy!

Here’s a classic cocktail I have always wanted to try. It’s the 1944 Trader Vic’s Mai Tai:

1 part Meyer’s rum

1 part fresh lime juice

1 part Orgeat syrup

1/2 part Orange Curacao

Shake just to combine and pour over crushed ice. Float with dark rum and garnish with a pineapple slice. (Note: In many cocktails, the ice makes up the other 1/2 part.)

If you prefer to have someone else mix your drinks for you, here are a few of the bars that are high on Joey’s list for their expert mixologists:

  • Manifest
  • Pig & the Lady
  • Pint & Jigger
  • Lucky Belly
Joey said he would be happy to offer his Mixology Workshop for our 2014 Malama Palama gala, which is scheduled for October 25. You’ll just have to come to the gala and outbid Jerry to get it!
– Paula Rath


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