February 4th, 2014 / posted by paularath

In keeping with the spirit of Wear Aloha, my clutch is by Janna Lam, earrings by Hands in the Sand and swing coat is my own design.

Sometimes it’s really hard to part with something you have lovingly made with your hands.

When interviewing Bay Area textile designer Karin Moggridge, we were talking about the pleasure of having our hands on treasured fabrics and feeling the sensation, the almost sensual pleasure, of the needle going in and out of the fibers on its way to making your garment a reality. But as designers, we know we simply cannot keep every garment we make that grabs hold of hearts.

So I offered up my beloved Indigo coat for sale to benefit the Hawaii Craftsmen fund raiser, FORMable Feast, on Saturday night. I am happy to report that it was sold to a tall, slender, chic woman who I’m sure will wear it well.

Paula and her Coffee Caper at Coffee Talk, wearing a tunic by You-Be by Chie Otto of Hawaii Kai and earrings and bracelet by Lynda Caris of Muse IX Designs.

I also donated my Coffee Caper, a cape fashioned from used coffee filters that won first prize in the Mayor’s Reuse Awards at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall a few years ago. It now lives on a wall at Coffee Talk, a place where I often meet friends and conduct interviews. I love that others can enjoy it and I can visit it.

As difficult as it can be to part with one’s creations, it’s far better to send them out into the world than to hold them captive in your own home or studio!

– Paula Rath

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February 5th, 2014 at 1:48 am

You are so talented!

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