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“Mok” by Gene Pijanowski

My favorite shopping opportunities are the special sales that artist and artisan cooperatives put on. The work is always original and you get to meet the hands that made it. The vibe is collegial and warm, and the venues are pleasant and inviting. So here’s a must-see sale for me and those like me:

Holiday Art Sale

Sunday, November 10

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Pegge Hopper Gallery, 1164 Nuuanu Avenue (Look for free on-street parking)

In addition to Gene Pijanowski‘s metal works, you’ll find Cora Yee‘s jewelry, Daven Hee‘s ceramics, Suzanne Wolfe‘s ceramics, Kirsten Simonsen‘s mixed media art works and Lynda Sakraida‘s Hadji Baba Bags. And, of course, Pegge Hopper’s exquisite paintings.

Daven Hee’s hand-thrown knobs

A selection of Lynda Sakraida’s most recent Hadji Baba Bags.

Pegge Hopper’s “Lahainaluna.”

A pair of ceramic hearts by Suzanne Wolfe.

A bird by Kirsten Simonsen.


Jewelry by Cora Yee, always unusual and one-of-a-kind.

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