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Malia Johnson in front of Sedona’s crystal case.

Sedona, Arizona, is one of my favorite places. As you may remember, my husband, Jerry, is from the Southwest (Las Cruces, New Mexico, to be exact) so we spend a bit of time in the area. The magnificent red rocks of Sedona captivate me. They are a color that stays in my mind and often appears in my paintings.

We stayed once in the most beautiful little cabin in Sedona with a deck that literally hung over a creek. We could sit for hours just listening to the creek and watching the water run past our front door. it was idyllic – and I remember having a perfect sleep every night! So, to me, Sedona means serenity and calm.

Tibetan art at Sedona.

For Malia Johnson. owner of Sedona in Ward Centre, Sedona takes on a more metaphysical meaning. Here’s what her husband and business partner, Martin Johnson, wrote about their choice of the name Sedona when they opened their shop in 1988, 25 years ago:

“We pondered, meditated and brainstormed for names. Due to all the press from the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, the new age movement was really on the rise. People were looking beyond themselves for more meaning and spirituality in their lives. One of the names that Malia was thinking about was ‘Vortex,’ – we wanted our new store to be an energy center that attracted customers from all over the world. But ‘Vortex,’ ‘Crystal Vortex,’ and every other variation we would think of, had already been taken by other stores around the country. We were stumped.”

Sedona has always specialized in crystals and gemstones.

“In looking for products to stock the new store, Malia was reviewing a few large metaphysical book catalogs. One day Malia’s eye suddenly glued onto a book titled ‘Sedona – Psychic Energy Vortex,’ by Dick Sutphen. In reading the book and finding out about the positive energy vortexes in Sedona, Arizona, she knew that ‘Sedona’ was definitely the name of the new store. It had a simple spelling, it was easy to pronounce and it had a positive energy attached to it. Most people who have visited Sedona, Arizona have found it to be a beautiful and often profound experience.”

A small selection of Sedona’s gemstones

As Sedona celebrates its 25th year in business, it is poised to move into a space that’s three times the size of their original Ward Center store. (In September they’ll be in the space formerly occupied by Paper Roses, just Diamond Head of their current location.)

It seems they found the perfect name – and business model.

– Paula Rath

Angels are a popular motif at Sedona.

Sage, a familiar scent in Sedona, Arizona, is a popular fragrance at Sedona Ward Centre.

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