July 3rd, 2013 / posted by paularath

It’s been nearly 20 years since the last Governor’s Fashion Awards were held under the auspices of the Hawaii Fashion Industry Association.

Now Hifi (Hawaii Fashion Incubator) and Hawaii Fashion Month are bringing back this prestigious awards program. To get involved, simply nominate the designers or retailers you feel are deserving of this recognition.

Here are the categories:

  • Nominee Information

    Please indicate details about your nomination

Governor’s Fashion Awards Nomination Form

  • Nominations are welcome for all categories until August 1, 2013.  Submit a separate nomination form for each nominated person or company.

    Please nominate each person or company only once for each category, as number of nominations per person is not a deciding factor .

    All nominees must meet the stated criteria  – Download here .

    Please direct any questions or inquiries to aloha@hawaiifashionmonth.com.

  •  –
  • Nominator:

    Person submitting the nomination
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