June 27th, 2013 / posted by paularath

The entry stairway.

When I drove past our old Honolulu Advertiser building the other day it was horrifying to see the old printing press building smashed and scorched. It really made my heart lurch.

Then, in this morning’s paper, there was photo of demolition of the press building. Auwe!


It looked as if the building was bleeding, with red puddles all over the ground. Who knew there was still printer’s ink in that building?

What a relief when I received some photos of the interior of the old news building shot by Debra Yuen (formerly the editor of TGIF) and Greg Yamamoto, a long-time photographer at The Advertiser. Clearly, Hawaii Five-O left the building in really good shape. Whew!

– Paula Rath

Remember when this was a contemporary art gallery?

A little reminder of the Hawaii Five-O days.


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