May 31st, 2013 / posted by paularath

Kids had a great time in the bubble bouncy thing. No bathing suits required!

Hawaiian May! turned out to be more of a family and food fun fest than a shopping venue but it seemed a good time was had by all.

The highlight for the Japanese visitors were clearly the supermodels who (believe it or not) enjoyed a malassada and shave ice. They walked around the Jefferson School venue with hordes of admirers and photographers surrounding them.

The Hifi booth was a lively place for the vendors despite the fact that business was slow. It was an opportunity for the Hifi members to get to know one another better.

Folks were just more focused on food than shopping, I’m afraid. But retailers such as Twisted Cuts and Allison Izu tried out some new merchandising techniques that I’m sure will do well in the future.

Twisted Cuts slit up and twisted shirts right on the models and customers.

Allison Izu, who is adding tops to her popular line of petite denim, will sew a pocket of your choosing onto one of her shirts. Coming soon: elbow length T-shirts!

Choose your fabric.

My sister, Roberta Cullen of Fashioned by Roberta, ¬†had a table in the Hifi booth and I helped her. Wish we had been busier, but she’s very philosophical about sales. She’ll try anything and is happy if the sales pay for the cost of participation. In this case, goal met.

Roberta checks her hanging necklaces above her table in the Hifi booth. It was really hot, hot, hot in the sun!

There were more than 20 food trucks, a mini Eat the Street, and they seemed to be the main draw.

– Paula Rath

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