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Sandalwood branches, photo from Arkive

I have a great deal of respect for Maryann Rose, founder of Hana Nai’a Aromatherapy. The Big Island resident has been creating aromatherapy products for more than 30 years. Her essential oils are thoroughly researched and created with only the purest ingredients.I have benefited personally from these oils. Hana Nai’a Muscle Magic helps mitigate the pain and tingling in my hands and torso. Amber Dreams helps me relax at bedtime. I either breathe in Sacred Breath (after applying it to my palms) or dab it under my nose and at my temples before a flight to help prevent those nasty cold and flu germs from attacking me. (It’s also really relaxing in case there’s an unhappy toddler on board.)

So I am excited to announce Hana Nai’a’s  latest collection: Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. Maryann fell in love with sandalwood’s scent, as well as the way in which it is harvested on the Big Island: “My heart is deeply moved knowing that these sacred trees are not sacrificed in any way as part of the distillation process. My senses are keen to its light, sweet, woody, rich fragrance,” she wrote.

As with most of Maryann’s oils, there’s a lovely story behind this collection. She has been embraced by the Lee Ohana of the Big Island, who share her mission. The Lee family’s mission is to reforest and eco-consciously harvest the great sandalwood trees of Hawaii. Their company, Haloa ‘Aina, is replanting the forest,  harvesting the wood and naturally extracting the oil from the heartwood. They utilize all the trees’ byproducts, selling them all over the world and using the proceeds to plant more trees, invest in more land and provide wages for the workers.

In keeping with the spirit and philosophy of  Haloa ‘Aina and Hana Nai’a, Maryann says, ” 100 percent of the profits from the Royal Sandalwood Line will be reinvested in the Hawaii economy.”

Maryann’s vision for the product line of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood is quite extensive. She would like it to include:

  •  Sandalwood pure essential oil
  • Sandalwood bath, body and massage oils in blends such as Sandalwood/Jojoba, Sandalwood/Lemongrass/Coconut and Sandalwood/Sweet Orange/Tahitian Vanilla/Jojoba
  • Sandalwood/Sweet Orange/Tahitian Vanilla Aloe Spray Gel
  • Sandalwood Hydrosol
  • Sandalwood Dust Powder

Everything is now in place to launch the new line but there’s one major problem: Maryann doesn’t have the funding to produce the sandalwood line yet. So, on the advice of her business-minded friends, she is starting a Kickstarter-style fund raising effort.  She is seeking like minded, eco-conscious backers for the line. She will need between $15,000 and $20,000 to make it work. Depending on the amount donated, each backer will receive a gift from Hana Nai’a:

  • $25: 1/32 oz. of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil
  • $100: 5 ml of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil
  • $250: Gift basket with a collection of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood products
  • $500: Gift basket of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood products and Hana Nai’a products, including Sacred Breath
  • $1000: Enhanced gift basket of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Line and Hana Nai’a products, including Sacred Breath
  • $5,000 or more: Maryann will craft a special gift basket of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood line and Hana Nai’a products, including Sacred Breath, and she will arrange for a personal tour of the Haloa ‘Aina sandalwood forest for four, followed by lunch with Maryann and the Lee family.

I first wrote about Maryann in The Honolulu Advertiser in a feature I can (sadly) no longer find on the Internet.    However one of my stories on scent, a fun and informational read you might enjoy, does include more information about Hana Nai’a. find it here:

– Paula Rath


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Nina Cherry
July 20th, 2013 at 6:00 am

I am so glad someone is inspired to bring back the beloved sandalwoods to the islands. I am an avid hiker in the wilds of Maui, and it is a rare thing to see a sandalwood. Bless you Maryann & companies and Paula for writing about this worthy project.

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