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Jerry Mayfield demonstrates watercolor for the keiki at Palama Settlement. They were so anxious to get their brushes into the paint!

The keiki at Palama Settlement had their first experience with watercolor painting last Wednesday, thanks to a new program set up by my husband, Jerry Mayfield, sponsored by the Hawaii Watercolor Society and funded by my sister-in-law, Ginger Waters, and my brother, Robbie Rath.

Since it was the first day of a new program, we weren’t sure any keiki would turn up. Wrong! We had 25 keiki, ages 8 to 12, raring to paint! The response was almost overwhelming for Jerry, but fortunately we had three volunteer HWS members as assistant teachers: Spencer Chang, Frances Hill and Bobbie Slater, who helped tremendously.

Frances Hill, left, and Spencer Chang demonstrate watercolor techniques.

The keiki really took to the medium. Watercolor can be a real challenge to artists, so it’s great to see them enjoying the magic of the medium without stressing about it.

My job? Just to be there to help with anything that needs doing – and to make snack for the keiki. It’s a great reason to bake, which I love to do. Last week it was Pumpkin Crunch Cake. This week it will be Chocolate Oatmeal Mac Nut Cookies; next week: brownies…The keiki love snack but they don’t get to partake until they have cleaned up their painting area.

This is an inspiring program for keiki who would otherwise have no access to art, as there are no art classes in  their schools. We think we will find some real talent here. In fact, we’ve already spotted a couple of keiki with a passion for paint.

If you would like to support the HWS/Palama Painting Project, please email me at paula@paularath.com and I’ll let you know how.

– Paula Rath

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