November 25th, 2012 / posted by paularath

My son, Duncan Scott Graham (I’ve always loved the name I gave him and, thankfully, he loves it too), has always been a visual person. Since about seventh grade, he has spent much of his life behind a camera. But it’s always been a moving picture camera.

I remember Duncan would always manage to talk his teachers into letting him do video projects to fulfill class requirements. In French he created a commercial for Grey Poupon mustard, asking me to put on a “dressing gown” and curlers to reach into our fridge for a bottle of Gray Poupon. In another class he created a video about a homeless man on a pedestrian bridge over the freeway that brought everyone to tears.

He also did the Punahou Academy morning announcements on video. Once he and three friends lined up in their boxers, holding a sign across their lower bodies, looking as though they were nude behind the sign. I don’t know how he got through Punahou! But, hey, by his senior year he had talked his English teacher into letting him make an hour-long feature film, “Espresso Grind,” in lieu of taking British Literature. He even convinced the principal to let him grow a beard during senior year for his role in the film.

So when Jerry and I gave Duncan a super duper camera last year, I thought he would use it for video. He surprised me by shooting stills in the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco, where he lives. I think they are lovely and lyrical and I hope he will be shooting more stills in the future.

Thought I would share them with you.

I’m thinking one of these photos might just inspire my next painting series…..thank you, Duncan!

– Paula Rath


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