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Bliss Lau, the bride.                          Photos by Robyn Twomey

The first time I met Bliss Lau was in the studio of artist George Woollard, where we were both painting in an informal Saturday studio class. Her mother, Cathryn Lau, who teaches art at Punahou, is a painting friend of mine; we both study with George and Bliss was home from school and came to studio with her mom. As Bliss walked into the studio,  I remember thinking “OMG, what a stunning young woman! She has so much style!”

I have been following Bliss every since. If you are  a regular reader of mine, you have seen her featured  in my columns and blogs over the years as her career evolves.

When I first met her, Bliss was a fashion student at Parsons. She had already decided that her emphasis would be accessories. Soon after graduating, she began designing and manufacturing her own line of handbags. They were original, practical and beautiful. I own two Bliss Lau bags (as well as a belt and leather cuff) and they are as fabulous today as they were when I bought them.

Bliss wore a hat by her friend Ashley Lloyd. I’ll bet Kate Middleton would have loved to have this ocean-themed fabulous fascinator!

Bliss then went on to create a line of jewelry, which segued into body jewelry, a completely original concept that was featured in fashion and style magazines such as Rolling Stone, Elle and Italian Vogue.

I visited Bliss in her studio last year when I was in New York and was blown away by her body jewelry. After our studio visit, Bliss and I met her (then) boyfriend, Evan Lerner, at a macrobiotic restaurant. It was evident to me that these two were meant for each other. Evan treated Bliss with so much love and respect that it was palpable. And Bliss was clearly head-over-heels in love. At that time, Evan was a producer with Sundance Channel, working on outstanding projects such as “Love, Lust.” Now he’s with A & E and I don’t know yet which program(s) he is producing.

So anyway – when Cathryn told me that Bliss and Evan were getting married on Oahu, I couldn’t wait to see photos of the wedding. I think you’ll enjoy them too. Every detail of the wedding was carefully – and creatively – thought out. Nothing is ho-hum or ordinary. And oh what a fabulous bride is Bliss!

– Paula Rath

Bliss wore a white linen vintage ’40s dress with a petticoat circa early 1900. She created a chain dress to go over it – you can see the subtle lines of the chain, which drapes gracefully around her body.

The wedding was held at Dillingham Ranch in Mokuleia. Evan wore a suit by Seize sur Vignt.

The flower girls wore dresses by STUDY New York.

The flowers were hand picked by Bliss and her mother, Cathryn, from George Woollard’s flower farm. Cathryn designed the stunning floral arrangements.

Each table for the 75 guests showcased a different part of the island.

Bliss loves to design nails. It’s one of her signatures, along with her braids.. She had her nails done by Etsuko. Need we ask who designed the rings?

Too cute!

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November 27th, 2012 at 12:20 am

I totally enjoyed your post and the pics! Bliss and her wedding were so true to her art and design aesthetic. She is truly inspirational.

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