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Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Fundraiser for Temari,
Center for Asian & Pacific Arts

Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii,
5th Floor–Manoa Grand Ballroom
8:00 – 9:00 am Early shopping for TEMARI
and JCCH members only
9:00 am – 2:00 pm Open to General Public

TRASH: Campbell High School’s Pacific Asian Affairs Council Student Club and Bamboo Ridge will offer classy White Elephant at their spaces outside on the patio.
TREASURE: New handmade works is still the focus… designed and made by local artists, often premiering and only available at T&T. This year artists also may sell their “treasured” personal collections. Look for my sister, Roberta Cullen, and her hand crafted bead work. She has lots of her popular Christmas-themed pieces this year.


Crocheted wire necklace by Roberta Cullen.

NEW: COLLECTORS Many TEMARI friends are ardent collectors of art and crafts. They have a rich knowledge of the art or craft to which they have devoted many years of study and collecting, such as bamboo objects, textiles, ethnic jewelry. Look for Linda Ryan, my “indigo sister,” who collects a wide variety of treasures from Japan. She has an eye for the unusual.

Lorraine Tokuyama, craftswoman extraordinaire!

I have taken many workshops with Lorraine Tokuyama, and it is always a pleasure just to be in the same room with her. Her love of fabrics and sewing and crafting of all sorts is positively infectious. And she’s a fabulous – and generous – baker and cook! Always giving, always sharing, I’m so glad TEMARI has chosen to honor Lorraine this year.

Here’s what they said about her on their website: “TEMARI honors Lorraine Tokuyama at the 31st Trash & Treasure for her energetic creativity and zest for learning and teaching. Be sure to visit TEMARI’s ‘Golden Girl’ on November 4.” For more about Lorraine, read the Q & A at www.temaricenter.org.

– Paula Rath

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