September 25th, 2012 / posted by paularath

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With all the research I have done over the years for stories regarding fragrance, you’d think I would get it right in my home. But I don’t. I forget. It was in an informal discussion with artist Yurie Akina at Red Pineapple I was reminded of these tips:

  • Do not keep your fragrance in the bathroom, the most humid room in the house; humidity can alter the scent.
  • Find a cool, dark place in your home (such as a drawer in your dresser or armoire) and store fragrance there.
  • Remember that fragrance starts to diminish as soon as the bottle is opened, so use it before you lose it.
  • A monk in a monastery’s perfumery in Umbria once told me fragrance does best in a dark glass container so light can’t change it. I’m not really not sure about that, but if your fragrance comes in a clear bottle, consider decanting it to a dark one.

– Paula Rath

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