August 27th, 2012 / posted by paularath

Colleen Kimura, owner/designer of Tutuvi Sitoa, has a wide circle of artist friends. From time to time, she offers them her lovely space on King Street to show their work. It’s always worth a special trip to see what’s there.

The simple, beautiful, serene work of Jon Vongvichai offers us an opportunity to enjoy beauty in things we use every day. And why not?

See his work from today through September 7 at Tutuvi Sitoa, 2636 King Street. Open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I remember my grandmother, Helen Lee Jacobs, believed that every little thing in her apartment, from a soap dish to a soup bowl, should be a thing of beauty. That also extended to her linen closet, where her pillow cases were embroidered treasures from Madeira which she washed by hand with lemon-scented soap. When I opened her linen closet, the fragrance of lemons wafted my way.

We all deserve to live surrounded by beauty and serenity so why not shop with this philosophy in mind?

– Paula Rath


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