July 28th, 2012 / posted by paularath

George Woollard is one of those rare people for whom there has never been anything but ART. A true artist in every sense, from  temperament to talent, Goerge has made a living by creating and teaching art his entire life. Do you realize how rare that is?

George was a classmate of mine of Punahou but I never really knew him very well. He was a quiet, studious guy. I was the girl who raced from one extra-acurricular activity to another, holding Aunty Paula’s Lei Sales to earn money to bring a foreign student to Punahou, starting an International Relations Club, painting sets for Dillingham Theatre, writing the Senior Variety Show….You get the picture.

Much later in life, I met George as an art teacher. Initially he was Jerry’s teacher but on a trip to Venice he gave me no choice: If I wanted to stay with Jerry in Venice, I had to paint with Jerry and George in Venice. Miss out on Venice? I don’t think so! I picked up a brush and watercolor palette and have never put them down. In fact I have added media such as acrylics, Sumiye brush painting and fiber art to my repertoire.

"Undersea Magic," a recent mixed media painting on canvas by Paula Rath.

George’s way of teaching has made all the difference. I can honestly say that George turned on the light for me and led me into art. He made it accessible and possible for me. He made it make sense. He helped me develop my own style and aesthetic. He took away the fear of failure.

Now painting is my passion so you can understand how much George means to me. Therefore I’m happy to announce that George will be showing his recent work on paper at Place, the wonderful treasure trove art, home style and fashion with the stamp of collector, interior designer and artist (she also studies with George), Mary Philpotts.

This reception is a great way to kick off your First Friday! Hope to see you there. We’ll be there early so we can head on over to the Louis Pohl Gallery where Jerry and I are showing a few pieces of our recent work. Thanks, in large part, to George Woollard.

– Paula Rath

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