May 23rd, 2012 / posted by paularath

Late May still qualifies as spring so it’s not too late to get moving with spring cleaning (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

In the nick of time, to the rescue comes Simply Organized which opens in Kahala Mall on Friday, May 25. I love this store! Jerry and I make regular treks to the Kapolei store to buy all manner of things to help us  try to make order out of the chaos of a home that houses all our messy hobbies: painting, sewing, woodwork, dyeing, sculpting, cooking and whatever is capturing our interest on any given day. Thank goodness  there will be a Simply Organized store near us!

If you haven’t been to Simply Organized, it’s a store that specializes in organization solutions for the kitchen, bath, closet, office, garage and general storage. I’m hoping the Kahala store will have the same great service as  the City Mill stores have.

The store will be managed by Susan Gusukuma, who began her career at City Mill in March, 1992, as a cashier for the Kaimuki store. She has been working at the Kaneohe City Mill since 2005.

Remember that Simply Organized is a 113-year-old kama’aina company owned by the Ai family of City Mill. It’s run by Carol Ai May and Steven Ai, grandchildren of the company’s founder. That makes it a must for local shoppers!



While you’re in Kahala Mall, don’t forget to visit Super Citizen, which made its move from Chinatown to Kahala recently. Owner Sandra Fowler has a terrific mix of eco-friendly merchandise, from clutches and clothes to water bottles and shopping totes.

For those who appreciate good olive oils sourced from all over Europe, head on into Magnolia where they’re having a half-off sale on some of their exotic oils. While there, try out the Olivina hand lotions. Love ’em!

– Paula Rath

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