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Honolulu industrial designer, artist and teacher Melissa Rivera was a contestant on The White Room Challenge on HGTV Tuesday night. Having written about Melissa and followed her work ever since we shared an evening at Pecha Kucha, I had to watch and cheer her on. I absolutely thought she was the winner of the “Trip to the Candy Store” challenge. Her vision was clear and unified, her design aesthetic shone through and her robot room was an embraceable place any child would love to inhabit. She was also the most upbeat and positive contestant!

The judges selected her as the runner up but she was the winner in my book.

Melissa (left) and the other three contestants.

Melissa had a show opening at Fishcake on Wednesday night, May 9. Sadly, it conflicted with my Style Workshop at Place so I couldn’t go, much less cover it. But Malie Moran generously sent me these photos taken during the event to share with you.

One of Melissa's adorable robots.

Melissa's T-shirts are still available for sale at Fishcake.

Unleash is the name of Melissa's design studio.

To see more of Melissa’s work, go to

– Paula Rath

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