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The Gallery at Ward Centre is featuring three outstanding artists this month so be sure to pop in when in you’re in the Ward corridor. Or, better yet, attend the opening reception. (They always have good food, wine and art folks at their receptions.)

George Woollard has been a fine artist his entire life. He was simply born to it. He is constantly evolving, changing styles and exploring media in new ways. We were classmates at Punahou so we’ve known each other “forever.” I also credit George with getting me started on my path as an artist. He’s an incredible teacher. I took my first watercolor class with him in Venice, Italy. Actually, I didn’t intend to paint. I went along to the workshop with Jerry, thinking I could just be “the spouse” while he painted. George would not hear of it. If you come, you paint, was his philosophy and there was no bending the rules. What a gift! He continued to lead me into the art life as I took one class after another from him at Linekona. Now we go to his studio in Palolo to paint on Saturday mornings. (Or I will be returning there when my neck allows – can’t wait.)

This show spotlights George’s recent work, which is sculpture. He lives way, way in the back of Palolo Valley and there are numerous large trees on his property. When a tree falls, or a branch needs to be pruned, he keeps the wood and turns it into art. He also applies paint strategically and creates beautiful pieces.

Sculpture by George Woollard.

Photo courtesy of Cedar Street Gallery








Babs Miyano Young is also a featured artist at the gallery. She continues to evolve her wearable art, creating necklaces and lariats that can hold eye glasses and ID badges. Here are three of her latest.





Gordon Uyehara creates artful jewelry and objets with metal clay. He is often referred to as the”Clay Guru.” See his latest creations during this show.

Pendant by Gordon Uyehara

Paula Rath

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