February 16th, 2012 / posted by paularath

Katrina's skirts are made with upcylced scarves.

Honolulu is not an easy place to launch a fashion design business. That has been proven time and time again as emerging designers struggle to make it here, only to close up their studio or head for more forgiving economies.

That’s why designers such as Katrina Langford sometimes need a helping hand to get off the ground.

Katrina has been designing since her days in the U.H.-Manoa fashion program but only recently decided to rebrand and make a push to grow from her original little home-based company, HI State of Mind, to Katrina Langford Designs.

Katrina is continuing her commitment to the environment, creating her garments from reused and upcycled vintage silk, cotton and polyester scarves, which she lovingly hand washes and line dries.  But the rebranding and growth require funding which she simply doesn’t have – funding for labels, hang tags, catalogs, stickers and, of course, seamstresses. (I can tell you from experience that all of these are far more expensive here in Hawaii.)

Katrina's stickers with her new logo.

She is reaching out for help through Kickstarter. If she does not receive $7,000 in pledges by February 26, all of her donations will go away. That’s how Kickstarter works. Check it out here and if you can help, please do. Maybe this is a way you can get involved in the local design industry without painful repercussions.


– Paula Rath

Those who donate $90 or more will receive a Mai Tai necklace by Katrina, like the one shown.

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