January 30th, 2012 / posted by paularath

All photos by Kaveh Kardan.

During the holidays I had an opportunity to have coffee with my friend Kaveh Kardan. As you may recall from previous blogs, he is now living in Wellington, New Zealand, working for director Peter Jackson on the upcoming “Hobbit” films.

Kaveh, an MIT graduate, is multi-talented. His passion, which is currently a hobby,  is fashion photography. While he is working long hours for Jackson, he spends his weekends immersed in all aspects of fashion photography, from meeting models to searching for ideal locations for shoots. I asked him to please share some of his recent work with my readers.

Here is what he had to say about these gorgeous photos, so moody and evocative, shot in a cemetery in Wellington. I love the texture Kaveh achieves in his work. So tactile!

“A couple of months ago, I was out for a stroll in downtown Wellington. I stumbled on an old cemetery, and reading the information plaques, found out that it had been dug up for the construction of a highway in the early ’60s. The 3,700-plus bodies were exhumed and reburied in a mass grave and the tombstones relocated to nearby areas. Today, the highway runs right through the cemetery. One cannot resist the march of progress.

“After about an hour of meandering through the cemetery, my jaw increasingly slack at the sheer picturesque-ness of it all, I headed home with the goal of arranging a photo shoot there.

” I thought of Jordan, who I had met a while back and thought had the right look for this project, and we scheduled the shoot. My directive to her was white outfits. Jordan has fair skin and large eyes, which I wanted to acentuate. The weather cooperated and the resulting images match the feeling I had in mind when I envisaged the shoot.”

Kaveh does the styling himself, another talent he is developing.

These photos feel as if they could – and should – inspire a series of poems.

Bravo, Kaveh!

Coming soon: Kaveh’s photos shot in an abandoned hospital.

– Paula Rath

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