January 25th, 2012 / posted by paularath

Huge news for Honolulu denim designer  Allison Izu Song: Her popular flare jeans are featured on page 69 of February’s Oprah magazine!

Her flare jeans, one style in an innovative line of denim designed just for petite women, are part of the magazine’s cover story, “Jeans that Make You Look 10 lbs Thinner and other Denim Miracles,” a story that’s sure to get massive readership as we all try to slim down and search for the perfect skinny jean.

“We are beyond ecstatic with the placement of our brand in such a coveted magazine!” Allison wrote in a release. “I still can’t believe it sometimes. I wake up and remind myself that my clothing company is in Oprah magazine. It brings a huge smile to my face every time.”

Allison's Chinatown jeans, the style featured in O magazine.

Allison has already received numerous orders for the featured jeans, as well as other styles, on her web site. With a 30 percent off coupon code in the magazine, it’s a real incentive to order. In addition to the feature page, her jeans are included in the Oprah Magazine Shop Guide. As a bonus to readers of paularath.com, Allison is offering 30 percent off every style on her web site Code: NEW2012 at ShopAllisonIzu.com

After some manufacturing nightmares  in 2008, which I’ve chronicled in various stories over the years, Allison chose to bring her manufacturing home to Hawaii. This is such a welcome trend to the entire fashion industry in Hawaii. With Tori Richard’s manufacturing returning to Hawaii and Andy South also manufacturing locally, it bodes well for our economy and our industry.

Let’s hope that with the success of Allison Izu in Oprah magazine, the editors make a visit to Hawaii to see what other local designers are doing here.

= Paula Rath


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