December 24th, 2011 / posted by paularath

This white confection was a crowd favorite.

I was unable to attend the BestEVER party last Friday night because I had an unfortunate conflict. We had an Island Life (remember the beloved features section of The Honolulu Advertiser?) reunion at my home.

Apparently the BestEVER party was THE place to be Friday night. Lucky for me, Amanda Stevens was there with her camera. She graciously sent me these photos for my blog.

The party was a three-parter: a birthday bash for SuperCW (Christa Wittmier), a fashion show of Matt Breuning’s latest collection and a fund raiser for Pow Wow Hawaii 2012.

Richie Miao of I.Am., designer of Lovelessizm and Lava Roses,  said he thought this collection of Matt’s was his best ever. Amanda reports that several garments received cheers from the audience. I’m so glad to hear that Matt is developing and maturing as a designer. Perhaps he is ready for Project Runway now? It’s time Hawaii had another contestant.

Here are Amanda’s photos, with a big mahalo to her:



Mike Sinclair and Amanda Stevens pose in front of a mural by 808Urban.

– Paula Rath

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