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Jacket by Kim Messier

Oops! I made a big booboo on my last blog and have learned a valuable lesson: Do not write – and file – a blog at 10 p.m. after putting on a dinner party and consuming a glass of wine or two. I mistakenly added the photos from the Jasmine Street Studio Sale onto the blog about Temari’s Trash and Treasure. I do apologize to all who may have been affected by my mistake.

So here’s a blog about the Jasmine Street Studio Sale.

It’s called the Jasmine Street Studio Sale because for many years it was held at the home studio of Kim Messier on Jasmine Street in Palolo. It outgrew her home, however, and is now held at the Palolo Hongwanji. The increased size has enabled the group to add some new artisans and offerings. And, hey, there’s ample parking!

Here are the pertinent details:

Saturday and Sunday, November 19 and 20

9 a.m. to Noon

Palolo Hongwanji, 1641 Palolo Avenue


And here are the artists and their wares:

A selection of Marie Kodama's ceramics

Gordon Edlin: Surinam cherry and poha jams, mango chutney

Gary Fujimoto: hand screened tote bags and other accessories

Joolries by Deb: hand crafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets fashioned from gemstones and precious metals

Marie Kodama: crazy, creative ceramics for daily use; wabi sabi with whimsy

Kim Kono: bags and accessories in fun prints, as well as traditional Asian motifs

Kim Messier: new designs in cottton T-shirts and rayon tunics, as well as innovations in wrinkled shirts and something she calls “tsunami coats”

Kati Kuroda: funky, wild and whimsical mirrors, picture frames, earrings – everything bold and unabashed

Katie Kuroda's bold earrings

Gary Nomura: reflecting his passion for film, he has created a series of art cards and T-shirts celebrating film and fantasy

Paradisus Jewelry: stunning, sophisticated sterling silver jewelry inspired by tropical, Asian and Native Hawaiian motifs such as pikake, monstera and ohe kapala (bamboo stamps)

Mari Sakamoto: original gifts such as wooden signs that say “woof,” “meow” and “zzz,” hand made tote bags and prints in frames

Sweet Charlotte: delectable ginger snaps, moist carrot cupcakes, Chocolate Diablo cookies with a hint of fresh ginger and cayenne – these fabulous treats are all made with the finest ingredients

Gary Nomura's BIJIN

Candice Wakumoto: her jewelry is truly wearable art, each one-of-a-kind piece carefully crafted in silver clay and gemstones

Cora Yee: just returned from a trip to Shanghai and fired up with inspiration, Cora employs dragon vein agate, carved jade, Nepali handmade pendants and silver crown flowers to conjure unique pieces


Lisa Yoshihara: full of surprises, this textile artist is keeping her offerings under wraps until the day of the sale.

– Paula Rath

Artful necklace by Candice Wakumoto

This treat started Sweet Charlotte on her path.

One of Kim Kono's handbags

An exotic offering from Cora Yee.

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