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Dr. Neil Sadick, just before he went to Tori Richard to buy an aloha shirt.

When I interviewed Neil Sadick, M.D., a world-renowned dermatologist based in NYC, he had just flown in to Honolulu and he looked as though he had returned from a vacation, relaxed and radiant. Yet during the past month he has traveled to Saudi Arabia, Taipei, Seoul, Alaska, Germany and Portugal. And that’s a typical month.

 In spite of his constant jet-setting lifestyle, with speaking engagements and consultations all over the world, his glowing skin belies his age, which is 60.

Dr. Sadick is often asked for interviews by magazines, TV and newspapers looking for an expert opinion on matters of the skin. He has appeared on the Today Show and in Vogue, Elle, W, and Women’s Health magazines, to name a few.

 Everywhere he goes, Dr. Sadick said, he asks women what they want in the way of skin care. Years of research have taught him they want a regimen that’s uncomplicated, simple to follow, can be taken anywhere and will not bust their budgets.

 “Women everywhere want a natural, not a surgical look, healthier and more radiant – and they want it without the knife,” Dr. Sadick said. “They want to look natural, not pulled; no frozen faces or moon faces. And they want to get rid of unattractive veins without surgery.”

 Well, naturally, we might surmise he “does” stuff to his skin (Botox, lasers, peels, whatever). But he denies it. He said all he uses is his own skincare line, Park Avenue Prescription.

 Park Avenue Prescription came about when Sephora approached Sadick Dermatology Group and asked them to come up with an easy to use, effective and affordable anti-aging skin regimen. While Dr. Sadick is the face of the Park Avenue-based group, it consists of a “think tank” of top dermatologists, researchers and skincare experts from a variety of specialties and areas of expertise.

 The first product package of Park Avenue Prescription consists of a simple, three-step program that Dr. Sadick said provides all the skin needs to fight the aging process. While Dr. Sadick has been practicing dermatology in his native NYC for more than 25 years, this is his first foray into commercial skin care. For years he and his group have created customized prescription strength products for their elite clientele. Park Avenue Prescription’s introduction at Sephora is the first time his – and his group’s – expertise has become available to the public.

 The three-step program is said to target aging on all three layers of the skin. Reports indicate skin shows noticeable improvements in less than three weeks. The carefully crafted ingredients and delivery methods, Sadick says, combat pigment and reduce redness, tighten and stimulate collagen production and replenish volume.


 Park Avenue Prescription will be the first skincare kit at Sephora to feature QR code technology on the packaging and in-store displays. Smart phone users will be able to snap a photo of these codes to immediately view a video of the experts behind the brand offering a comprehensive product training, using specially created animation to explain the products.

 Asked why there seems to be an increase in people suffering from rosacea (redness and flushing in the face), Dr. Sadick blames caffeine and alcohol consumption. He said rosacea is one of the key targets of Park Avenue Prescription’s day and night regimen, as it is increasingly appearing in his office.

 The three-product packet ($70) is just the first line to be put on the market by Sadick Dermatology Group. The next products will be corrector pens and eye creams to help calm and smooth the sensitive eye area.

 Dr. Sadick is known in medical circles as the man who developed the IPL laser, the Nuno and many other technologies now used in homes and doctors’ offices.

 For more from Dr. Sadick, read his book, “The New Natural,” from Rodale Press.


For those who like to know what’s in their skin care – and what’s not – here are some key ingredients for each product. (Note: There are no parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phalates, GMOs, triclosans – and it’s oil free.)

AM Protection Cream

Biocell – SOD: an enzymatic anti-oxidant, known for neutralizing the superoxide free radicals. Has the ability to enhance sunscreen products and protect against damaging effects of the environment.)

Olive Plan Extract: High antioxidant capacity (almost double green tea extract) and detoxifies skin from pollutants.

Red algae: Helps maintain smoothness and prevent against UV radiation-induced lipid oxidation.

Cost: $38

PM Rejuenation Cream

Phytosphingosine: redness reducing agent, soothes skin from environmental irritants, reduces appearance of pores, shown to have anti-bacterial properties, may reduce acne related break-outs

Sepiwhite: reduces appearance of dark spots

Kojic Acid: reduces appearance of dark spots

Licorice extract: reduces appearance of dark spots

Cost: $38

PM Reversal Serum

Peptide complex: encapsulated tripeptides and dipeptides. Support collagen production, improve smoothness, clarity, radiance, reduce fine lines and uneven skin tone, help support skin cell regeneration.

Stabilized retinols and AHAs: support epidermal turnover and skin barrier function, support mitotic and enzymatic activity of keratinocytes, support natural collagen production and boost skin elasticity.

Glycosaminoglycans/proteroglycans: support production of hyaluronic acid.

Cost: $48

OR all three for $70 in an introductory package. Sold exclusively at Sephora.

 – Paula Rath

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Paula Rath interviews Dr. Sadick in Ala Moana » Blog | Park Avenue Prescription | Affordable Anti-Aging Skin Care
October 3rd, 2011 at 4:20 pm

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sydney zjajac
October 10th, 2011 at 6:55 am

I was at times square store last week and I was told by one of Dr. Sadick group that I can use the product all over my eye lid and under.
Is that for all three products?

October 13th, 2011 at 3:30 am

Aloha Sydney,

I don’t think so. I would recommend you check with either his office or a Sephora expert on his products. I know he told me one of the products can be used all over the eye but I don’t think he said all three can. Unfortunately, my notes are not completely clear on that subject.

Mahalo (thank you) for reading!


faith ferguson
October 23rd, 2011 at 4:01 am

I recently purchased the Park Avenue “Starter Kit”. Do I need to use night cream following the Rejuvenation Cream?
I’ve only been using this product a few days–I certainly look forward to seeing the results.

October 25th, 2011 at 4:16 am

Aloha Faith,

I am just a journalist, not an expert on the Park Avenue Prescription. I recommend you check with your local Sephora folks to find out exactly how to use the products.
Thanks for reading my blog!


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