September 25th, 2011 / posted by paularath

Fishcake, the four year old Kaka’ako gallery, is known not only for its fresh mix of home furnishings and accessories, but also for its always engaging rotating gallery of artists and interesting themed shows.

Coming soon, from September 30 through November 5, is Kagu/Akari, or furniture/luminaires. The show, which features David Landry’s U.H.-Manoa art students, will explore S.I.N. (stacking, interlocking and nesting) techniques applied to furniture design and construction.

The work of Fishcake resident artist Mark Chai will also be featured, along with furniture and lighting works by Melissa Rivera, Chusak Majarone, Logan White, Wendy Kim Messier, Sally Lundburg and Keith Tallett. Paintings by Hiroko Sakurai accompany the 3D works. 

Fishcake is located at 307C Kamani Street, across from Anne Namba’s shop. For more information, contact Betty Lee Kurihara at 593-1231.

– Paula Rath

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