July 30th, 2011 / posted by paularath

Roberta Oaks, DJ Silvana and her daughter came to the party.

Amerjit  Ghag and her husband, Larry Heim, put on a lovely party for the opening of my solo show, “Spices,” last night. We had a wonderful crowd of art lovers and CHAI Studio lovers alike. So many people bought Amerjit’s fabulous poufs that the pouf room is rather lonely now. The photo above shows the Spices series.

I am a bit embarrassed. I wore my indigo coat because it is one of my creations and I love the various fibers and how they complement each other. It was a fun coat to make, as I had to puzzle piece it together  because there were only small pieces of the hand-woven fabric. (That’s why the stripes are horizontal rather than the preferred vertical.) I wasn’t really thinking about photos. Ugh! That coat puts about 20 pounds on me!

Last week I wore my favorite white jacket to the ReVive event – again not thinking about photos. The jacket is flattering in person but, yes, white puts at least ten pounds on me in a photo. Hey, we all make mistakes but it’s a bigger oops when it ends up in a photo.

Amerjit and me in front of the "herbs" series and the "Garlic" painting.

It's exciting when interior designers appreciate my work.

After the show I walked over to Eat the Street. I had never been before and even at 8:30 p.m. there were lines at nearly every food truck that was still open. (Some, of course,  had sold out earlier in the evening.) What an amazing success Eat the Street has been! I had a beef stew plate from Why’Z and it was really tasty and plentiful.

Mahalo to everyone who came to see my latest work. I had a great time painting these paintings and it was so gratifying to see them appreciated.

– Paula Rath

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