July 20th, 2011 / posted by paularath

Here’s another reader idea from a fan of Lash Food, the all natural lash lengthener and thickener that’s getting great buzz:

“I bought Lash Food from (makeup artist) Liz Dahl and cannot believe the difference in my eyelashes and brows. I put it on with a wand every night after I wash my face – like liner above my eyelids and below and across my brows. The difference in six weeks was amazing as my lashes were longer and thicker and my eyebrows filled in where there were pukas.
I wear contact lenses so did not want to try Latisse, plus the warnings scared me. Lash Food is an all-natural treatment and even when I klutzed and got some in my eye, it did not sting.
The lashes aren’t growing to an unrealistic length – just looks natural. I also go to Liz to have my lashes and eyebrows dyed and I don’t need to use an eyebrow pencil any longer. I do still wear mascara to make the lashes more dramatic, but when I don’t wear mascara, you can see my eyelashes since they aren’t blonde any longer.”

– Roberta Cullen

Lash Food is sold by Liz Dahl of Tint (lizdahl.com) at Etch Salon. Cost: $120

(Full disclosure: Berta is my sister. Hey, we all learn good stuff from our sisters so why should I penalize you, dear readers, because of sisterhood?)

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