June 29th, 2011 / posted by paularath

Rosalie Hibiscus bag from Martin & McArthur

Sometimes like minds travel in the same direction but on different tracks.

That’s the case for Amos Kotomori and me and our concepts for Wear Aloha. As you readers know, for the past few months I have been encouraging Islanders to wear at least one thing made by a local designer every time we step out our front door. It could be as simple as a pair of earrings or a handbag or as comprehensive as a head-to-toe immersion in local designs.

I styled some made-in-Hawaii outfits and put them on my blog. Readers sent in their versions of Wear Aloha. Catherine Fong of Catherine’s Closet pulled Island attire from her collection to show how to Wear Aloha, vintage style.

At the same time, Amos was working with Governor Abercrombie and his wife, Nancie Caraway, on an initiative they are also calling Wear Aloha. Their idea is to help support local designers and manufacturers by bringing back Aloha Friday.

At 10 a.m., Friday, June 1, at Washington Place, Amos and I, along with the Governor, Dale Hope and other fashion folks, will share a podium and talk about the Wear Aloha initiative. If you would like to attend, please let me know and I will make sure your name gets on the invitation list. They need to have the list completed by tomorrow so please get back to me asap.

And, hey, Wear Aloha today – and every day!

– Paula Rath

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June 30th, 2011 at 6:41 am

Hi Paula! I am interested in attending! Please put me down if you can.


June 30th, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Will do!


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