May 27th, 2011 / posted by paularath

Island style fascinators from the '40s and '50s at Catherine's Closet.

Most of us had not heard the term “fascinators” until the Royal Wedding. Now it’s part of  our fashion vocabulary. At Catherine’s Closet Vintage Boutique, fascinators have always been part of the merch mix. Whether vintage ’40s and ’50s finds or contemporary pieces by local designers, fascinators play an important role at Catherine’s hat bar.

Sometimes there’s a line that gets blurred between headbands and fascinators. That’s certainly the case with the designs of localite Ipo Bunnell. To my mind, her feminine, flirty little head pieces cross over into fascinator territory.

Kimberly models a Leann & Ashley headband - or is it a fascinator - from Catherine's Closet Vintage Boutique.

Catherine models an Ipo Bunnell confection.

If you’re going to First Friday on June 3, be sure to stop in at Catherine’s Closet, sit down and play at the hat bar. You will be amazed at what you find. And you may just discover that you look so fab in hats – or fascinators – you become a convert. From 5 to 8 p.m. will be a Haute Hats Party, with 10 percent off all hats. If you wear a Catherine’s closet hat to the party, you will get 15 percent off.  

It’s a really fun way to spend an evening with your girlfriends. Catherine’s fascinators and headbands range from $18 to $32.

– Paula Rath

Feather headbands at Catherine's Closet.

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May 28th, 2011 at 3:39 am

Hello Paul
Love that store. It is like entering another world. I felt pangs of nostalgia seeing fashions I wore when I was a young fashionista!

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