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Last February I blogged about Honolulu’s own Bliss Lau and her amazing Fall/Winter 2011 collection called “Embraced.” Not only is her body jewelry fabulous (just how fabulous? We learned today that Italian Vogue is borrowing it for a fashion shoot), but she presented it in a truly original, exciting, artistic way, with Joffrey Ballet dancers draped in the jewelry, dancing and moving. No ordinary runway for Bliss Lau!

Little did I know then that we would all be able to experience Bliss, her body jewelry, and a dance presentation fusing art and fashion right here in Honolulu. Although Bliss is now based in New York, she wants to share her latest collection with friends, fans and family in Honolulu, so she is presenting her innovative show from 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday, May 29, at the Waikiki Edition Lobby Bar. She has recruited local ballet dancers to present Fashion as Art, with ballet performances throughout the evening that recreate her New York fashion show. Cost for the event is $10. Presale tickets:

FYI, the original fashion event was conceptualized by creative director Christian Stroble.

In order to help defray the costs of Bliss’ trip, Hawaii RED Magazine and Hawaii Fashion Incubator (Hifi) are presenting a panel of fashion professionals Saturday afternoon. Here’s the flyer:

As I have told audiences before, I am uniquely qualified to talk about “How to Promote Your Fashion Business.” As a Honolulu fashion designer in the late 1990s I made every mistake in the book. I have spent the last 15 years trying to help other designers be a bit more successful than I was. (Not to say I messed up totally – I did break even most months and made a slight profit other months, but I was hopeless at promoting myself.)

The fashion scene is constantly changing here, as well as around the world. Come learn from Bliss, Jenn Kem, Jessica O’Neill and me how to navigate these roily waters.

For more information about Bliss and her Honolulu events, go to or to obtain tickets for the panel:

Hope to see you there!

– Paula Rath

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