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Andy South in his new look.

To the delight of a capacity crowd, Andy South hosted four of his Project Runway Season 8 friends at a fashion show at Ala Moana’s CenterStage at noon yesterday.  

Casanova, Christopher Collins, Michael Drummond and Mondo Guerra showed their latest collections, giving Honolulu’s fashion crowd a special treat: insights into what they have been doing since  season 8 ended.

Many of us had an opportunity to see Andy South’s fall 2011 collection last month during Ala Moana Center’s Shop a Le’a. Not only did the audience love the collection, Neiman Marcus Ala Moana will be carrying it in the fall.

At today’s show I sat next to Lucy Chelini, merchandising manager for Neiman Marcus Ala Moana, and we found lots of clothes to get excited about, especially from the collections of Christopher Collins and Michael Drummond.

Here’s a bit about what we saw and heard on the runway:

A look by Casanova


Casanova, who uses a single moniker, said he has been working feverishly on building a website for his spring/summer 2012 collection. He has been traveling a great deal (he just returned from Puerto Rico) and is anxious to get home to New York “to rest.” His palette is predominately black and white, with pops of gold and a few neon brights.

A pop of purple from Casanova

Casanova pairs white and cream for spring/summer 2012.

A polished career look from Casanova

Beautiful fabric with an urban edge

From Christopher Collins, beautiful draping and a skirt in the next hot hue: electric blue.

Chistopher Collins’ take on the shirtwaist dress.

A fabulous shirt to pair with jeans or a slinky skirt

Christopher Collins loves texture!

Andy chats with Michael Drummond, who lives in St. Louis.


Michael Drummond, who specializes in knitwear, is inspired by textures, fibers and Japanese designers. He also derives inspiration from stories and before coming to Hawaii he read a great deal about Hawaiian folklore, so perhaps we can expect an upcoming collection to reflect that.

He calls his line “The Exquisite Corpse,” a name which came from “a 1920s surrealist game.”

Andy asked Michael about his design process and he explained that he used to design from sketches but now begins with draping. “I get an idea in my head and I just drape,” he said. Andy said he tried on every piece in Michael’s collection and “I wanted every piece.”

Lucy and I agreed – the collection is wearable, elegant and unusual.


Folks in today’s audience were the first too see Christopher Collins’ Holiday 2011 collection because, he said, “It’s right off the sewing machines.” He said the colelction is inspired by film noir and art nouveau. It is a highly versatile, and functional, collection that can be layered and accessorized to take  a woman from day to night.

The textures, colors and fabrics are all luxe and luscious. Lucy and I were lusting after nearly every piece in this collection. it has an air of romance, yet is extremely wearable and practical.

Asymmetry is a signature of Michael Drummond's knitwear.

I am lusting after this Michael Drummond dress!

Michael Drummond takes knitwear to a whole new level.

Shana Peete is rocking this dress by Michael Drummond!

There's that blue again. Expect to see lots of cobalt in the season to come.

Only a deft hand like Michael Drummond's can drape like this.


Since the end of Season 8, Mondo has been traveling the world wiht a message: “There are bigger things in the world to address than just getting up and getting dressed.”

Mondo’s current platform is to refocus the world’s attention on AIDS.

Mondo’s inspiration for this collection is Matisse, Mondrian and drive-in movies. “When I design, I pull from whatever makes me happy,” he said with a Mondo grin. The collection is a burst of bold black-and-white prints, mixing polka dots, houndstooth and stripes and accessorizing them with parasols and adorable little saucer-like chapeau – very Mondo, indeed.

A sassy look from Mondo.

Here's houndstooth on steroids!

Color blocking, one of summer's hottest trends, done Mondo-style

Gotta love those polka dot socks and turquoise shoes!

A crazy quilt of prints from Mondo.

– Paula Rath

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April 25th, 2011 at 8:57 pm

While this show was going on, I was womanning the office and I heard all about it from my mom. Thank you for sharing with us! I have to agree with the lust worthiness of Michael D’s collection. I was so envious when he told me he made a sweater for Andy!

April 26th, 2011 at 12:01 am

I’ll have to get Andy to show me the sweater – maybe he’ll model it for this blog!

April 26th, 2011 at 6:47 pm

I was mesmerized while watching this show. Each designer was true to their style but yet still pushing the envelope further since their PR season. It was easy to see that the clothing was well crafted. I fell in love with Michael D’s dress with a dress printed on. But of course each of the designers showed pieces that were so very special!

April 29th, 2011 at 7:34 am

I was able to work with these very talented individuals @ the PR for maui event at the hyatt as one of the dressers and was able to touch the garments! loved it…

April 29th, 2011 at 8:26 am

Oooooooohhhhh! That must have been fabulous! What does Michael Drummond’s trompe l’Oeil dress feel like?

April 29th, 2011 at 8:51 am

I was also able to work with the PR guys. 🙂 VIP Style and Red Magazine coordinated 10 Maui College fashion tech students to be dressers. (Elisha is my hubby!) I got to help with Mondo’s collection (my fav!). They’re all so awesome, and was definitely an honor to be in the presence of such talented guys.

xx Love & Aloha

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