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HCC student sketches. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

As we waited in line at HCC’s (Honolulu Community College’s) automotive department, we got a taste of what the student designer showcase was going to be like. In a performance art piece, a designer was spray painting a hoop-skirted damsel and buffed and beaming guy. There was energy and spirit in those sprays and splotches of paint.

As we entered the archway into the event, we were surrounded by student fashion sketches. Let the show begin – at the door.

Even Governor Neil Abercrombie and his fashion forward wife, Nancie Caraway, who sat in the front row, were blown away by what the HCC fashion tech students presented on the runway last night in their show “Transitopia.”

There’s no question that the success of HCC grads Andy South and Jay Nicolas Sario on Project Runway has inspired these students. Andy, in a characteristic gesture of giving back to the community, took on the task of teaching HCC’s Fashion Production Class, which also meant producing the show.

Andy’s touches were everywhere, from the sassy little chapeau on the heads of students who helped seat the guests, to the name, “Transitopia.” Always in balance, however, Andy made sure that the senior students starred. Even though there were five Project Runway Season 8 designers sharing the stage (Casanova, Mondo, Michael Drummond, Christopher Collins and Andy each showed two garments from their current collections) , he made sure the senior grads were the highlight of the show.

The show opened with a sexy fire dance.

Fire dancer. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

The undergraduates started off the show and offered some insights into how exciting next year’s student showcase will be. There was a lot of inspiration in those collections from first-year students. When I studied at HCC some of the students didn’t even know how to sew when they entered the fashion tech program. That clearly is not the case any longer. I think Project Runway has really made a difference to the whole art and business of fashion.

As for the seniors, their collections were creative, cohesive and often inspired. Was there another Project Runway star in their midst? We’ll just have to see……

This is the finished performance art piece. Photo by Jerry Mayfield.

Photo by Jerry Mayfield

A Parisian-inspired print. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Christopher Collins of San Francisco showed two of his current looks. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Mondo, who was a viewer favorite in Project Runway, shows two pieces from his joyful collection. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Michael Drummond of St. Louis specializes in knitwear. This is not like any knitwear you've ever seen before! Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Andy South with two of his looks. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

A student design inspired by historial costumes. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Chanelle Chung takes a trip through the ages to Scotland. Photo by Amanda Stevens

Kiki Leung with her models. Photo by Amanda Stevens

Kiki Leung's collection was all about stripes, one of spring's hottest trends. Photo by Amanda Stevens

Photo by Amanda Stevens

Kilts and tatts on the runway. Photo by Amanda Stevens

Photo by Amanda Stevens

Jenna Bea Galton focused entirely on sophisticated swim wear. Photo by Amanda Stevens

– Paula Rath

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April 26th, 2011 at 6:42 pm

This was a night to remember. The talented students, the PR designers and their designs, the entertainment
as well as networking with fabulous folks and making new friends!

Jyldyz Voss
April 28th, 2011 at 9:14 am

Thank you, Paula, for posting my sketching design!!! Jyldyz Voss from HCC/fashion technology.

April 28th, 2011 at 8:14 pm

Mahalo for letting us know whose sketches those were! You did a great job – and the show was fabulous!

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