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The Beckhams arrive for the Royal Wedding. Photo by Pascal Le Segretain, Getty ImagesThe beautiful, glowing bride, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, of course, was first and foremost on the fashion front, but a clear second in the scene-stealing department were the hats. The milliner most in demand, predictably, was Phillip Treacy. The milliner, known for his imaginative and whimsical chapeaux, was clearly called upon by Royals and commoners alike to offer his whimsy to their ensembles. Most of them worked wonderfully, but there were a few missteps.I personally loved (pregnant) Victoria Beckham's hat, which I thought was understated (for her usual taste) but had that bit of whimsy in the sculptural detail. I also vote for David Beckham as best dressed man...after the groom in his Irish Guards uniform of course, who was decidedly swoon-able.Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in bright blue.Photo by Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images

The thing about hats is that they should enhance a woman’s face rather than obscuring it. Here, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s hat, although a bright bold color, takes your eyes right to her eyes and highlights her face.
The pink and purple hat to her right, however, makes you look first at the hat, then at the woman wearing it.
Love that cobalt blue! That is said to be THE color for fall.
Below, Zara Phillips in a hat in a gorgeous neutral gray-blue. The shape of this hat also takes your eyes right to her face without obscuring any features. Many of the attendees at the wedding managed to choose unusual neutral colors that would not eclipse anyone, yet the neutrals had a lot of life and flattering color to them. Camilla Parker Bowles was a good example, in her soft peach and – was that gray? She looked lovely.
Then there were the scary sisters who seemed to get everything wrong, from the crazy-making hat to the way too print floral dress. Yes, they were Fergie’s daughters. Like mother like daughters. Another Fergie faux pas, and she wasn’t even there.

Yikes! Fergie's daughters seem to get it all wrong. Photo from AP.

– Paula Rath

Zara Phillips in a beautiful neutral. Phto by Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images.

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Devra Wathen
April 30th, 2011 at 2:27 pm

Loved all your reviews on the Royal Wedding, but the wonderful pictures of the hats and how well the Britt’s wear them was my favorite-since hats are my go to accessory. Although in Hawaii they are to protect me from the sun-unlike the ladies in attendance it was all about fashionable hats! I have a special little facinator I am planning to wear next weekend at the launch party for Disfunkshion magazine@ at the New Edition Hotel. Unless I go with the latest Bohemian look for the summer trends- thanks Paula for keeping us all in the loop with the latest from London. Devra Wathen

May 1st, 2011 at 2:52 am

I keep hoping the hat trend will catch on here. Not only are hats the most practical thing we can wear for sun protection, they can be so flattering. Can’t wait to see you at the Disfunkshion function! Maybe I’ll wear a hat too….

May 2nd, 2011 at 7:14 pm

Hello Paula
Amanda and I went to Catherine’s Closet on Saturday night for an event there. It was fun with all the lovely vintage hats she has. Folks where trying them on and all were inspired by the Royal Wedding. I love Philip Treacy’s creations, they are so sculptural and true works of art!

May 3rd, 2011 at 12:47 am

What fun! Did Amanda take and photos we can put on paularath.com?

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