April 28th, 2011 / posted by paularath

Manoa Valley Theatre’s next play, August: Osage County is an absolute must-see.

Jerry and I saw it on Broadway and it was, by far, the best play we have seen in many, many years. The critics and media seem to agree. Playwright Tracy Letts won the Pulitzer Prize for it. It won “Best Play” in the Tony Awards, Drama Desk Awards and New York Drama Critics’ Circle Awards.

It is, in a word brilliant. Dark, but brilliant. At times wrenching, but brilliant. The plot centers around the dysfunctional Weston family reunion in Oklahoma. In three acts the play weaves humor and anguish in dealing with drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, death, pedophilia, aging, infidelity – you name it. Every family’s nightmares and secrets are addressed.

When we saw it in New York we heard whispers throughout the audience from people who were relating to one character or another, one bit of dialogue or another. “Oh, my mother said that to me once! That’s my Uncle John exactly! My sister is just like that!” There’s truth in every line.

I had already bought tickets when my friend Greg Howell told me he has a major role in it. When he described who else is in the cast I knew Honolulu would do the script proud. Do not miss it!

The play is definitely not appropriate for children.

There will only be 12 performances, from May 19 through June 5. Box office: 988-6131 or www.manoavalleytheatre.com

– Paula Rath

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