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Trainer Eden Monteilh

Two of the most common New Year’s resolutions we make are some version of either: “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m going to get fit.” These are good goals to have, but can also be self-defeating if not approached in a practical, do-able fashion. It’s easy to get off track, or give up,  if you have set unrealistic goals in the first place.

I asked a trusted source, Eden Monteilh, a personal fitness trainer, Pilates instructor and owner of FitWiz Hawaii, for her advice on setting realistic resolutions. Here’s what she said:
1) Keep your goal SPECIFIC and SHORT TERM.  “I want to lose weight,” or “I will start exercising in January” are too general. ‘I want to lose 20 lbs by March” is unrealistic… so we’ve already set ourselves up for failure. Make your goal specific and short term: ‘By January 15th, I will have started walking one mile, twice a week and will do it for 4 weeks”, ‘I will include a serving of veggies in my lunch for three weeks”, “I will find a yoga studio by Feb. 1st, and sign up for a class.”
2) Write it down in your calendar, put it in your phone with alerts, tape it on your fridge…whatever works for you! Just make your resolution an appointment in your life that is not negotiable. Period. We negotiate ourselves out of our goals because they often take effort and require change. That equates to fear, avoidance and “didn’t have time” excuses. So, remove the variables of negotiating and excusing. That’s an accomplishment in and of itself.
3) Be easy on yourself. Your resolution shouldn’t be black and white. So you didn’t eat veggies with every lunch for three weeks…you missed a few doesn’t mean you failed and should give it up. Why are we so unreasonable with ourselves? If you made ANY type of positive change within your goal period, YOU MADE CHANGE. Pat yourself on the back, feel good about it and move past the negative thinking. Sit down and re-write your new set of goals when the time comes. These small goals turn into long term goals and habits and a life time of change and healthy living.

Eden uses the TRX at her boot camps to kick it up a notch.

Eden is starting the new year with a series of boot camps that are geared to many different levels of athletes or exercisers. I have attended Eden’s Pilates classes at the Nuuanu YMCA and know she is a highly qualified – and caring – instructor. She is attentive to the special needs of her  students and clients.

Eden demonstrating a move at her boot camp on the beach.

Here’s Eden’s invitation to a free introductory boot camp on New Year’s Day:
“I offered these classes last year and wanted to extend an invitation again for a free workout on  New Year’s Day at 8:30 a.m. at Kaka’ako Park. We offer p.m. and other classes but wanted to highlight this one specifically, to help you relieve some stress and to possibly jump start that New Year’s Resolution to be more healthy. That IS on your list, right?!

The classes are limited in size, so an RSVP is required. We accomodate ALL fitness levels, I promise. We have those who are very beginner to triathletes currently participating. We are not like any other boot camp you may have seen or taken from before, so come with an open mind and willing spirit.

If you’d like more details, please contact me (Eden).

Breathe in…smile. Be in the moment, its a great one!

Eden Monteilh

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2011!
– Paula Rath 
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I have been taking classes from Eden for 2 years and she is caring, motivating, and very knowledgeable. Creative and fun workouts are her specialties and those who come always have a great time. I’ve met many people and made even more wonderful friends through Eden’s classes. If you are looking for a great way to jump start your New Year’s resolution of ‘getting fit’ then Eden’s classes are the best place to begin!

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