November 8th, 2010 / posted by paularath

Anyone who knows me knows that I am missing the makeup gene. You know, that gene that helps you “get” makeup and learn to apply it to your best advantage? Many talented makeup artists have tried to teach me and I appreciate all their efforts. But it just doesn’t seem to “take” with me. Maybe it’s the deep-set eyes that make me wonder if eye shadows will just turn them into black holes. Maybe it’s the coloring – pale eyes, pale hair, pale skin – that’s intimidating. Anyway, I really do a lousy job with my makeup.

So when I discover a makeup tool that really, really works for me, I go for it. And I become, in my inimitable Taurus fashion, fiercely loyal to it. CHEEKIE by Julie Hewett ( is one of those products. It’s $24 and I found it at Etch Salon on Keeaumoku, thanks to makeup artist extraordinaire Liz Dahl, who is currently working on Hawaii 5-0. (If she’s not at the salon, though, anyone can help you.) Oh, the brush is $28, so the initial cost is kinda high. However if you take good care of the brush it will last through pot after pot of Cheekie. For makeup brush care, I highly recommend the Japonesque pads which are also sold at Etch. They are so easy you won’t mind cleaning your brushes every week…which is what we should do, but usually don’t, right?

My shade is Rosie.Photo by Paula Rath. What I love about Cheekie is its ease. The little brush is designed so you simply tap it lightly into the pot and then dab it lightly onto your cheeks, chin or wherever you want to pink up a little. You can then blend it just a tiny bit with your finger or a sponge. You really don't need much, so be sure to start light. It looks completely natural when applied lightly. It doesn't have that cakey look that some powders can give you or the clown look that some creams can give you. It's just right. And, hey, if I can do it, believe me, anyone can!

– Paula Rath

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