November 14th, 2010 / posted by paularath

Every time I see Leighton Lam, whether it’s at the Punahou Carnival, on the street, or at a fashion show, he is always onto something fresh and new. Of course his bread and butter has been, for many years, his iconic line of Island-inspired jewelry.

However Leighton is an enormously creative person and he and his wife Lani, who manages the business for him, keep reinventing their company and its products. They are still doing the gorgeous indoor-outdoor lamps and now they have quite a number of different jewelry lines. But the latest? Hand painted men’s shirts. Here’s Leighton in one of his own creations:

A fresh new look for men from Leighton Lam. Photo by Paula Rath.

Leighton told me the idea for hand painting shirts came to him when he got a stain on one of his favorite shirts and saved it by painting over it.

Right now he is sourcing great white men’s shirts. Once found, there’s no doubt he will be taking off in a new direction. That’s what he does.

– Paula Rath

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