October 27th, 2010 / posted by paularath

Lynda Sakraida, designer of Hadji Baba Bags, was in France while I was in Greece. Apparently France has gone totally gray. I mean totally. Not an accent color in sight. OK, so it’s seen as chic. But I’m sticking to my own style advice: If you’re going to wear gray, give it a spark of color such as red, blue, yellow or purple. I think it can really wash you out if your don’t give it a pop.

Here’s what Lynda reports:

“Just reading your Neutrals blog and reminded me of something I wanted to tell you about from my France trip.

The retail switch to fall/winter wear happened in the stores before we arrived, and happened on the streets while we were in Nice.  (The first day of fall officially arrived, even in France, and women literally changed wardrobes.  Boots were everywhere, even though, for a few days longer, the weather was quite hot.)
And the color for the season was GRAY.  And I’ve never seen a color presented so totally.  Every window, every display, every photo…gray.  What I found so surprising, was the total lack of ANY other color….it was 100% gray.  Different shades of gray perhaps, certainly different textures/fabrics, but all gray.  Not a single hint of anything else.  
I happen to love gray, and nearly always travel with large amounts of black and gray…..so I felt like I fit right in.  But I found it surprising that every single store, every block, every window would follow the same direction so totally.  No one showed any sass and so much as stuck a coral or a rose with all that gray.  
So if the French are the leaders of fashion, I’ll at least be dressed appropriately for a while longer.”
And I’ll be sporting a bright scarf or belt or bag so I don’t disappear into a sea of gray.
– Paula Rath
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