October 26th, 2010 / posted by paularath

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It’s back to neutrals, it would seem. Camel and gray have been ubiquitous on the runways for fall. And, yes, black is back. But doesn’t it look as though something is missing in each of the photos above? They look kind of, well, dull and boring, don’t they? 

Perhaps it’s because we have grown accustomed to color! The fresh new way with neutrals is to add a pop of color to give them vitality and verve.

The primary colors – sunshine yellow, true red and bright blue – all look fabulous with camel and gray. So do navy and many shades of  purple – and even pink if it’s bright enough (think fuchsia).

Another way to bring these neutrals into 2010-11 is to wear a clean, crisp silhouette but to mix textures. For example, soft gray suede, nubby gray tweed, shiny gray silk and dove gray cashmere. The result can be sensuous and sophisticated when it’s done right.

Or use the blank slate of a simple neutral outfit to show off a stand-out accessory: a bold red bangle (or three), chunky blue beads, red pantyhose and pumps, a brilliant purple handbag….can boost the spirits and lift those neutrals up where they belong.

– Paula Rath

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