September 27th, 2010 / posted by paularath

Each morning when my father would rise at our beach house on the North Shore of Oahu he would strike a funny pose and say, “Ho Hum! Another monotonously beautiful day in paradise!”

We did that this morning in Paros. Yesterday we had a little bit of wind and the water was more like, well, the North Shore, than the placid Aegean. We still went swimming – it just made us appreciate the usual September sea a little more.

We are winding down now and will leave on the ferry for Piraeus on Wednesday. We are thinking we might take the tiny ferry ride to Antiparos tomorrownight and have dinner on the neighboring island. It’s just ten minutes and one Euro away! We’ve heard there’s a good taverna there….

We have really enjoyed the food in Greece. It’s basically healthy, fresh and different from what we usually eat at home, with lots of eggplant, special green beans, unusual nuts and dried fruits and grilled everything. The Greeks are experts at grilling with just a little lemon and some herbs.While I used to think that “souvlaki” meant the kind of lamb or pork prepared on a spit, I now understand that it is actually the term for grilled food. Simple and yummy.  The best yogurt ever! We also bought some honey in Thessaly directly from the beekeeper and it is amazing! Wish we could bring some home. We have tried about a dozen different versions of moussaka and pastitsio so I will be able to improve my versions when I get home.

And hey, who knew they make great wines on Santorini and some pretty good ones on Paros. The vines look very different here. They are grown really close to the ground so they sort of creep along the soil with the grapes hanging right down to the ground. No trellises.

We have really fallen in love with this lovely, relaxing house on Paros and are so incredibly grateful to our friends for allowing us to stay here. I have cultivated the art of doing nothing for, I believe, the first time in my life! Even my painting output has been pretty pathetic, but I have read four books!


– Paula Rath

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September 28th, 2010 at 12:59 am

Oh Paula it sounds divine. You are having a well deserved vacation. And these memories can never be replaced for you and your husband. It surely is a gift.

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