September 17th, 2010 / posted by paularath

While most visitors to the Greek mainland have heard about – and visit – Delphi and Olympia – Meteora is a bit more off the beaten path. We did encounter some folks from cruise ships but we also were able to have a few quiet moments to ourselves in the spectacular setting of the monasteries and nunneries perched on the rocks.

I have a thing for rocks.  Among my favorite places on earth are the Grand Canyon and Cappadocia (in Turkey). Now Metora is on that list. We have been incredibly fortunate with the weather. As we left our lovely hotel in Meteora the fog started to rise so we saw the monasteries in the fog and then in the clear sky. Spectacular!

Meteora in the fog. Photo by Jerry MayfieldMeteron Monastery as the fog lifted to reveal its beauty.

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