September 15th, 2010 / posted by paularath

Acropolis view from our hotel.

After a few exciting and hyperactive days in Athens, we are now settled into a glorious house on the island of Paros. Since we are no longer jamming up our days and nights, I hope to blog more about this incredible trip.

We stayed in a hotel in Athens that was literally just steps from the Acropolis. In the evenings we sat on the roof and drank ouzo and basked in the light of the Parthenon. Amazing view!
Remarkably, the hotel was really inexpensive – it’s the Hotel Acropolis View (
The Parthenon was crowded but still a remarkable feat of architecture and not to be missed. Go early, as it opens, to avoid more massive crowds.

We had a little excitement too – there was a demonstration near Syntagma Square with lots of riot police and military folks pitted against each other. It ended peacefully, though. It was the striking truck drivers trying to get into a government building.

– Paula Rath

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September 15th, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Sounds all so wonderful Paula. Your description really “took me there”! In fact if you ever wanted to do a travel blog, I know it would be interesting and have a great following. I am very happy to read that you are really experiencing and enjoying what Greece has to offer. Cannot wait to catch up on all when you return.

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