August 28th, 2010 / posted by paularath

…just as Andy South said it was. I can’t imagine anything worse than having to work with a design team of six members, each with a different aesthetic and uneven skill sets, trying to pull together a cohesive collection. What a nightmare!

Not even the uber-talented Christopher Collins could make camel work.

I started to worry about Team Luxe as soon as they chose the color camel. There’s something about camel that is frequently problematic. While a camel coat (especially a cashmere one) can be exquisite, and a pair of camel pumps or buttery camel handbag provides an ideal neutral, it’s surprisingly easy for camel to go awry. It’s hard to pair camel with other colors, especially other neutrals such as gray, white and black. Camel needs pairing with balck or a bright orange or red to make it work.

I can’t help but wonder if their choice of camel was influenced by Michael Kors’ fall 2010 collection, which includes a lot of camel. But it’s camel done right!

There are so many camel fabrics that look either tacky or totally blah. Unfortunately, Team Luxe found a few of them. Working with a yucky fabric sets a designer up for frustration and, ultimately, disappointment or even disaster. All of the above ensued.

For Team Luxe, so much time was put into trying to rescue Michael C from the brink of disaster that, well, they all teetered over. Wasn’t it kind of irritating that the judges kept talking about the team “throwing Michael Costello under the bus” when in reality the failure was largely his?

At least Andy and Ivy survived to compete again. Surely next week’s challenge can’t be so horrific!

– Paula Rath

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Vicki Viotti
August 29th, 2010 at 11:28 am

I wondered whether anyone on the team remembered Irina’s winning ski-lodge outfit from last season, which was camel and the judges pronounced “luxe.” Coincidental, but I flashed on that. Of course, none of their outfits rivaled hers.I agreed that Team Military & Lace came up with superior items — the strategy of having everyone do their own, with some coordination, was the smarter idea, given the short time frame — but I thought Team Luxe wasn’t quite as bad as they were reviewed. A little piling on by the judges, and even Tim Gunn.

August 30th, 2010 at 4:56 am

Yes, camel can be luxe. But so much depends on the fabric. How could you be more luxe than cashmere camel? But polyester camel or shiny camel? I don’t think so….And, yes, Vicki, I so agree that Irina got camel right.

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